Zero Waste Plan

The Chinese philosopher Lao-tsu said "A journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step." The Guam Zero Waste Plan (Click here to download Guam Zero Waste Volume 1 and Volume 2 ) provides a critical first step as well as a path to help GovGuam and people of Guam realize a vision of Zero Waste to preserve the environment for Guam's children and the future.

Fifteen Zero Waste initiatives selected from an initial list of a wide variety of upstream, midstream, and downstream source diversion options suggested by stakeholders on Guam are evaluated in the Zero Waste Plan. From a practical perspective, the legislation, policies, programs and infrastructure needed to implement the fifteen initiatives described in the Zero Waste Plan cannot be implemented all at once. Therefore, the use of a phased approach over a 20-year planning period is recommended to implement an island-wide Zero Waste Program.


The recommended phased approach focuses on an initial phase (Phase I: Present through 2015) for implementing those initiatives that will allow GovGuam and industry stakeholders to build a strong Zero Waste foundation, followed by subsequent phases (Phase II: 2016 through 2020; Phase III: 2021 through 2025; and Long-Term: 2025 and Beyond) that provide additional time to foster public/private partnerships, raise funds, and allocate staffing in support of additional initiatives. The development of a well-integrated Zero Waste system on Guam will be an evolving process, and there will be political, technical, marketing, financial, and educational issues to address at each step.