Zero Waste Visioning

The most important part of any long journey is having a vision for the future. On February 7, 2012 representatives of the Office of the Governor of Guam and key public and private-sector solid waste stakeholders met at the Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor's Complex in Adelup for a Zero Waste Visioning Session. During the Visioning Session stakeholder input was sought regarding solid waste diversion opportunities and Zero Waste options with respect to the development of an overall Zero Waste Plan for Guam.

During the Visioning Session, Stakeholders emphasized the importance of implementing the following key strategies:

  • Develop targets: Work with the Guam Legislature, GovGuam agencies and Guam Council of Mayors to put a framework in place to achieve Zero Waste.

  • Walk the talk: One of the most important keys to achieving the goal of Zero Waste is leadership. Legislation and policies that favor Zero Waste should be adopted.

  • Use incentives in the right place: A continuous and constantly adapting flow of initiatives, solutions and ideas are going to be required to achieve the goal of Zero Waste.

  • Develop infrastructure for recycling and resource recovery: Although some initial help will be needed for GovGuam to get a Zero Waste Program operational, If the incentives are in the right place the private-sector and markets will assist in building and operating the infrastructure.

  • Implement a marketing campaign: Publicize the Zero Waste Program to educate, engage and inspire the community.

  • Develop an effective inforcement process: Fund the necessary enforcement personnel, educate volunteers and follow through with fines and penalties.

  • Plan for success: Involve the community, build broad public and political support, employ the right people to turn the Plan into action, and celebrate your success!

The meeting started with a general discussion and included a Zero Waste video presentation (see below) and a PowerPoint presentation that can be downloaded by clicking here.

Click here to see video